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​I saw Kelly this week in VA. It was my first time seeing her. My friend had sent a message telling me there was a Medium coming to our area. She said she heard from her neighbor that Kelly was amazing. I said sure why not. I had never heard of Kelly before. So I was thinking we'll it will be a fun night out, and we can catch up over dinner. When Kelly walked in the room she looked like she was 30, very young, so I thought hmm ok let's see where this goes. As soon as she started passing the first message. I was overwhelmed with emotion, and it wasn't even my message. I was not expecting the talent that she has. I kept my eyes on her most of the night. I couldn't stop looking at her. I felt like I was actually in Heaven. I know it sounds strange but it's true. It was a feeling I was not expecting. You could feel the love in the room. Now I've seen Teresa, and John Edwards, and a few other big ones in my 67 years here on this Earth. I have to be perfectly honest. Kelly is better than any of them. She gives more details, and validations with her messages than anyone else out there in a group setting. After the group I got in line to buy her book and get just a few minutes to talk to her. She was just as loving and gentle as I thought. Kelly I can not begin to tell you how you have upped the game, and changed my experience of seeing a Medium. Then to find out you are 44, you look so young. You have a bright future in store, and God has big plans for you. I'm sad I have to wait until the summer again to see you, but as soon as tickets go on sale I'm getting front row. Everyone needs to see you. You are a true rare talent with a gift that can not be put into words. And your channeling is the best I've ever seen. I was floored with how fast you channel with 100 % acurancy, it was a joy to watch. You are a must see. If someone doesn't believe, you are the Medium to flip them for sure. Good luck on your travel and all of those you will get to help are so lucky.
- Mary K

I drove 4 hours to see Kelly last night. So worth it. I would have driven days to see her. My friend saw her a few months ago and told me I had to see her. She read nonstop for three hours. I got the chance to talk to her for a few minutes, she was so down to earth, and sweet. We enjoyed our night so much. She is an amazing Medium. I have seen some great ones like John Edwards, and Therresa, well I won't be seeing them anymore. Kelly's a better Medium. Her messages are more detailed, she gives more info in messages and reads longer than any of them. Her groups are small too, which we loved, and she told us she does that to help. I am so excited she is spreading out. I have a ton of people that want to see her now. I can't wait to see her until the summer, we may be buying tickets and driving 5 hours instead of 4 just to see her next month and to get the opportunity to hear more messages. I loved how she carried herself, how she stands in her faith, gives credit to God, and shows her heart completely in her messages. She is so loving. We felt so blessed and thankful for her, as we drove home. See you next month in VA. Kelly. I am now a fan and faithful follower of yours.
- Karen Morrison

My wife and I flew across the country from Michigan to see Kelly. I did not believe in this, but had strange things happen before. My wife found out about Kelly through a friend. We couldn't find any decent mediums where we we're living at the time, so she suggested for us to go to Maryland to see Kelly. She said she was one if best in her field. So we booked the flights, two nights if hotels, to get a chance to talk to people we both missed. What we walked away with was priceless. You can not put a price on that kind of peace. I am a believer now because of Kelly. I know my Dad is with me. I have since felt him and seen him. So I now know it's possible. We hope for Kelly to come help here soon. I can't wait to say thank you once more. I've been waiting to do it in person. But I hope this message finds anyone who needs it. Go see Kelly she is the best in our book. I walked away that day with a peace in my mind that will never leave me.
 - Greg Milson

This woman is phenomenal!!!!! I went all the way to New York to see the famous George Anderson who has authored several books and is good but no comparison to this lady!!! Not only is she personable but puts you immediately at feel like you have known her forever and I have NEVER had such a reading in my life and I am 64 years old.  She is indisputable true to her craft.  She immediately gave me information that no one else could know- all these names of generations ago and of my dear Mother and Grandmother and my deceased husband.  NO ONE could name names and know the personal things she revealed minute after minute. She was always right on top of all the facts and shared messages from them all that reassured me and gives me faith and hope to go on in my life.  I can't wait to talk to her once again and plan to give my son a session for part of his Christmas present since he is very ill with serious heart problems.  I know it will lift him out of the depression he can't seem to shake and give him hope to not give up!! Don't miss an opportunity to see or hear her if you ever get the chance...  you will come away once again renewed and hopeful of the future and thankful for her rare talent......
 - Brenda Daniels Klyce

Kelly, my mom and I had a private session with you last night and it was so wonderful. This was my second time seeing you and my Mom's first. I was so overly thrilled that I got to hear from my grandfather (Pap). He gave so much validation and it was wonderful. You have such a wonderful gift and I thank you for sharing it with us. My husband is a believer after he heard everything his Grandmother (Pauline) had to say last night. It was such a wonderful experience for my mom and myself. Thank you so very much.
 - Kim Graybeal

You are by far the best! Thank you for all you do. My family was read last night at Applebee's and it was the best experience we have had so far
 - Lisa Foard

I have an amazing story that I would like to share. So my daughter and I went to see Kelly this week. Every time I have a reading with her it is truly amazing! So a loved one came through for us and talked with my daughter and told her that it would be a gre at school year for her. We also discovered that there is a guardian angel that watches out for my daughter. She told my daughter that when she sees a star, think of her. So a few days later, we go to her school for back to school night. We saw a sign with a star on it. Then when we meet her new teacher, she is wearing a necklace with a star on it ! I pointed out to my daughter and the teacher goes on to say how much she loves stars! Her and my daughter instantly connected! What an experience! Thank you so much Kelly for this information. Even days after the reading, we are still seeing signs of her guardian angel! Truly a blessing! I have always prayed for God to send an angel to be with her! No one knew that until that reading. Not even my daughter!
 - Jodye Mayle
It has been almost 3 weeks now.  Our reading was amazing and healing.  Butch heard exactly what he needed to hear from his friend and brother.  His questions were answered, and even though he started as a little on the fence if this was possible, he ended his night believing and feeling a sense of peace.   I, as you know, have not heard from my grandmother ever since the day she passed almost 40 years ago.  Just to know her love for me was still around me.  It was so amazing that you were able to tell me exactly what I was wearing at her viewing and that I had a flower from her casket spray still in my bible, a yellow rose.   I have seen you many times in a group setting, but you are so right when you say private or small groups are so much more healing.   We all had something to help us reach our loved one.  I am looking for to our next visit.  As I told you before, just being in a room with you is so comforting and a feeling of peace just surrounds you.   Angels do walk on earth, and I believe you are one of them.  bless you for sharing your gift.   see you soon.
 - Tracie Broadwater

Yesterday Secret Messages from Heaven was my first experience with Kelly... which can be summed up in one word- AMAZING!!! I've always been a believer, but the connections she was able to make were simply mind-blowing. As the first anniversary approaches of the death of my boyfriend and father of my 16 month old daughter (our daughter together) I've been looking for guidance more than ever. Although I wish I would have had more time with my loved one, I'm extremely grateful to Kelly for making this connection so that I am able to have the sense of peace that I was so desperately seeking. I've already recommended Kelly to some of my friends and I will definitely be attending more events in the very near future, I plan to bring some of my friends so they are able to also have this wonderful experience as well. Thank you Kelly for bringing some closure to my life; you cannot imagine what it meant to me to be able to tell my children last night that Daddy is ok, he's a peace, and is always with us. [❤] ️  I needed this more than my words could ever possibly express. You truly are doing God's work!

 - Morgan Manning

After a private reading with Kelly on 2/3/15 I was told that my sign from my mother is white feathers.  The day after my reading I told my sister about mom's sign.  My sister was on her way to the doctors and said she would call me back.  While she was at the doctors she was telling the receptionist about mom's sign being a white feather.  Just them a man came into the office and stuck in his sweater was a white feather.  Then this past Thursday my sister was making a tribute garden to our mother and low in behold as she cleared the area she found another white feather.  That same day while at work in the post office 2 customers came in to look at my mothers angel picture I keep on the wall.  I told them the story of how my mother took the picture and also told them about Kelly and the reading and how my mothers sign t o us is a white feather.  I gave them each an 8x10 copy of my mothers angel pictures and they left my office.  I then walked over to my register where I wait on customers and pulled out the keyboard.  I noticed something stuck in the keys that appeared to be a piece of paper towel.  I turned the keyboard upside down to get it out only to realize it was a tiny white feather.  How it got in my office is a mystery to me.  But I definitely believe mom put it there to thank me for sharing her angel picture and story with all who believe. 
 - Suzette Holbrook

I had the privilege of experiencing a reading by Kelly and it was so spiritual, healing,and amazing. I cannot wait to experience this a second time. You will feel the love and energies of those who past on. Thank you kelly for sharing your gift.
 - Dawn Brady